TOGETHER ALONE is a carefully curated season of four absorbing, thought-provoking independent films exploring solitude from different and often surprising perspectives.

With the premise of cinema as a provocation which demands a response from its audience, this programme was conceived as a personal attempt to contemplate our solitude and our engagement with it. When do we become loners in our own mind? How do we live in solitude? By questioning human’s ability to act ‘alone’ and choose what and who we really are could be a task of slow, contemplative art cinema. Is it maybe that who we are is beyond our reach of responsibility? Mere existence preceding essence?

The films showcase unspoken emotions with elegance and fine cinematic language, with the purpose to examine different patterns of disconnection from other people. Small stories told by visionary independent directors such as Nuri Bilge Ceylan or Urszula Antoniak, and the even more fictionalised biography of Zeki Demirkubuz, whose life might have come from Albert Camus’s The Stranger, are brought together in this programme to explore the human isolation in new original uplifting ways. The season will then close with the bold directorial debut of Jan Ole Gerster in 2012, a black and white picture and a road movie inside Berlin, looking for the timeless feeling.

Therefore, here is my provocation: emphasising loneliness in cinema throughout a blend of independent filmmakers creating distanced characters joint by a shared disconnection. Different in style and focusing on contrasting characters – from students to scholars, and from intellectuals to artists navigating through life in sheer loneliness – these films are based on the confrontation between existential crisis and forage of meaning.


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*All screenings will be introduced and followed by discussions generated on thematic basis with relevant guests for each event.

Curated by Octavian as part of the Programming and Curation MA at the National Film and Television School.